Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Dishmas!!

       It’s been a stressful holiday season for me internet.  The shopping/wrapping/shipping cycle was finished about half an hour before the first Christmas Eve party.  In between all the usual time demands, my fiancĂ©e and I looked for a new apartment, my sister visited with her kids, both of my parents got the flu (not at the same time) and I forfeited a ton of sleep and time to myself.

          One of the odd consequences of that last thing?  The dishes piled up a couple of times in my sink last week.  This is really unusual for a few reasons.  One, my kitchen is super tiny, so other than coffee and cereal, I rarely cook or eat at home.  Second, I usually wash my dishes the minute I’m through with them.  It takes just a couple of minutes to wash one bowl, cup, and spoon and I like my kitchen a certain way.  But running to different stores, the post office, and a couple of apartment buildings in the same day, makes certain chores take a back seat.

          So twice this week I had twenty minutes of washing up to do, and while I was doing it, I realized I missed it.  I used to live in a giant Victorian house in Brighton with four other people, all on different schedules, all less likely to do dishes than me.  So to make morning coffee (or to just be able to find the space to clean the coffee pot) I routinely did thirty minutes of other people’s washing up every morning.  It bothered me only occasionally (finding a prized glass crushed under the melee of dishes that could have been stacked and stabilized with a moment’s thought will do that) but it was a great mental cleanser.  Every morning I would be up before everyone else, and spend half an hour mining order out of their chaos.  And every morning I would feel a small calm glow of accomplishment from it.  I hadn’t had that buzz or the quiet it stemmed from, in a long time, maybe close to a year.

          So I guess that tiny hidden bit of joy is something I’d like to relate and possibly pass on to you, oh three readers of this blog.  Now that the holiday season is finally waning, ask yourself what fun productive thing you haven’t done in a while.  The moment obligation doesn’t intrude, go do it.  Let me know if you find the same neglected joy I found.  Call that joy my gift to you.  Merry Dishmas, internet, and have a happier New Year.



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·        For those of you paying attention (all one of you): no I didn’t work on the book this month.  It’s not that I didn’t have any time at all, although it feels that way.  I’m just prioritizing family, future living conditions, and not collapsing over what is essentially a vanity project.  It’s probably the right thing to do.
·        This post was mulled over the last week, and it was quicker to compose than the others here so far.  I did use my Neil Young station on Pandora to make the writing easier.